Therapeutic Services

Life is challenging and at times it may feel as if we are caged within the isolation of our own minds.  When we get stuck in this space it can be difficult to remember that we are not alone.  There are those who can help expand the boundaries of our limitations, so that we can begin to realize that alternatives do exist.


Tricia is passionate about issues arising from multiculturalism, in particular the manifestations of internalized oppression, the acculturation process and the challenges of being mixed-race.


Given her background with this art form, Tricia is keenly aware that the ballet world is unique unto itself, with its own cultural norms and expectations. Her expertise extends from post-career transitions to balancing personal and balletic lifestyles, from fostering mindfulness to addressing the sensitive issues of diet and body image, from the pursuit of perfectionism to the effects of self-doubt, stage fright, and injuries.

Offspring of LGBTQ Parents

This is an often overlooked area of psychotherapy. Individuals who grow up with parents who are members of the LGBTQ community are subject to many of the same social stigmas and systemic bigotries. They too struggle with embarrassment, secrecy, isolation, the fear of being discovered, and of being harassed, but are compounded by the fact that their experience with the LGBTQ community is often filtered through their parents, leaving them voiceless and a minority on the periphery of a minority group. Tricia believes that therapy can be a place of safety within which these individuals can process and share the depth of their own struggles.


three small balancing stones